Dues are Voluntary but Deed Restrictions are Mandatory!   It takes $ to enforce - please pay!
July 29, 2016
Dear SCA Members,

I just wanted to express my appreciation to all of you who came out last night to vote on our updated bylaws. Your vote was unanimous to approve them. The turnout was wonderful, and your input and comments were invaluable and greatly appreciated. I was especially impressed by the level of discussion, understanding and “neighborly-ness” throughout this process, and particularly in the meeting. On a personal note, I was incredibly moved by the heartfelt words of appreciation several of you expressed to me directly. This was not an easy job, it was a team effort and one done in service and love for Sharpstown. It makes me so proud to be your neighbor. Thanks again to all who came out! Have a wonderful August, and we look forward to seeing you in September for the second vote to approve these bylaws.

Most Sincerely,
Margaret Mitchell

General Membership Approves Bylaw Revision. Final vote to be held on September 22nd

General Membership Approves Bylaw Revision. Final vote to be held on September 22nd SCA leadership has long recognized the need to update our bylaws for greater transparency and operating efficiency. This year, a group of dedicated Board members spent countless hours meeting and rewriting this key document. Now it’s time for you, the membership, to vote on the proposed new Bylaws. Click on "read more" below to see the proposed revised bylaws that were approved by the General Membership, the current Bylaws, and the Redline Version of the proposed Bylaws. The proposal was approved by the vote of the General Membership on July 28th. The final vote required for approval will take place September 22nd at the general meeting (no August membership meeting) for final adoption. Only Members who have paid Dues for 2016 and are in attendance at the meeting will have their vote counted.

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Enthusiastic New Board Members Wanted

Enthusiastic New Board Members Wanted HELP WANTED!

Sharpstown Civic Association is looking for enthusiastic SCA members to serve on our board. Please complete the application and submit it to us by SEPTEMBER 12, 2016. Remember, you must be a MEMBER: pay SCA dues in the year of election to be eligible to run AND every year you serve on the board. Also, you will be expected to attend monthly board meetings and general membership meetings, actively serve on committees, and your contact info will be published. Click on "Read More" to get the application

Thank you for being SHARPSTOWN PROUD!

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Architectural Changes

Architectural Changes The Deed Restrictions state that any exterior changes to the home must first receive approval from the Architectural Control Committee. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as adding a room to the home, adding or replacing a fence, painting the exterior, adding a driveway, a carport and/or building a swimming pool.

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