Dues are Voluntary but Deed Restrictions are Mandatory!   It takes $ to enforce - please pay!
Sharpstown is a diverse collection of long-time and brand new residents. Some of us are Houston born and raised while others came from across the globe to make their home here. What we have in common is the desire for a safe,clean and well maintained community in which to live and raise our families. We want to enjoy our surroundings, know our property is safe and trust our neighbors to take care of their homes as we take care of our own. We want to work with and see results from our community and those representing us.

Now is the time to come together and make a difference, and your membership payment and volunteer participation is greatly appreciated.

From the Nominating Committee

From the Nominating Committee It is that time of the year where the Sharpstown Civic Association (SCA) is looking for a few good men and women to help keep the SCA running. It is because of volunteers that we have been able to build the SCA into what it is today. Those who are interested in becoming a board member should contact the SCA office to obtain an application that will be reviewed by the SCA nominations committee. The SCA office number is 713-789-2311. Or you can click on "Read More" to download a copy of the Application. Applicants will be reviewed/interviewed and then a list of nominees will be approved by the Board in September and put before the General Membership in November

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Proposed Membership Dues and Security for 2018

Proposed Membership Dues and Security for 2018 The Membership Dues and Security Fee for the Sharpstown Civic Association have not been increased since 2013. At the SCA October Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved an 11% increase in Membership and Security Fees for 2018.

The current Fee is a Total of $225 - $75 for Membership and $150 for Security.

The Proposed Fee for 2018 is a Total of $250 - $80 for Membership and $170 for Security.

The Board cited increases in the two major contracts, Mosquito Spraying services and SEAL Security services, along with increases in Office Rent as reasons for the projected increase. The new fee schedule for 2018 will need to be approved by a vote of the membership.

There will be Discussion and a Question and Answer Period at the General Membership Meeting on October 26th. All are invited to attend to learn more about the Board’s proposal. The Membership will vote on the Membership Dues and Security Fee at the November General Membership Meeting on November 16th.

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SCA Communications


Occasionally we get reports of residents who receive letters from anonymous individuals or groups about alleged violations or property issues. Some notes come by U.S. Mail; others are just placed in the mailbox or left at the door. THESE ARE NOT FROM THE SHARPSTOWN CIVIC ASSOCIATION. All routine SCA communications are printed on SCA letterhead and sent by U.S. Mail or Federal Express. If you have any question about the authenticity of a letter you receive, please call the SCA at 713-789-2311.